Box Day #1

Today the first box from WinterPromise arrived! The kids were both excited about getting new books. Unfortunately, only about a quarter of the books for the Animal Worlds were in the box. It looks like they shipped some more books in another box, but most of the books were marked as being shipped soon. I guess they are back ordered or something. The program guide wasn’t in today’s box.

Also, a box of 3 Alaskan studies books and lesson plan CD’s from Judy Ferguson arrived yesterday along with a box from the bookstore of the Sonlight books. I got free shipping. However, one of the books “Winter at Valley Forge” isn’t what I thought. It is comic book style and very pro-war so I don’t want it. My friend has the one from Sonlight which I thought this would be. It is a more factual journal style and she will trade me. I have “War Torn Valley” by Joyce Miller from Rod and Staff Publishers which we will also be reading when studying the US Civil War. It is the story of an Anabaptist conscientious objector family in Virginia. I think it is important he learn not everyone thought war was the answer.

So we’re still waiting on the remainder of the books from WinterPromise and the Christian Light Education order. When I added the reading program, I was told it should be here next week. I told Richard about not using Abeka and he took it really well. He said he was getting bored with Abeka so was looking forward to trying something new. He was glad I choose CLE because he really liked the other stuff from them.

His ILP meeting with the school district is supposed to be the second week of July but we will be in Kodiak. The teacher will be gone the week before and has something else going on later so we’ll have to do it in August. Oh well. It’s no big deal. It’s to formalize our goals and what curriculum we plan to use next school year. We can still order it before we have the meeting.


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