I seem to be collecting 2nd grade language arts programs. 😆

I went to the used homeschool sale today. The woman who sells Christian Light Education materials was there. Well, I looked over the scope and sequence for CLE 2nd and 3rd grade language arts. He is somewhere in between them so I decided 2nd would be good. I ordered it. Now I have 3 LA programs for only 1 student.

I also ordered CLE second grade Bible. It’s more workbook activities to continue familiarizing them with Bible stories. He can read the complete passages in his KJV if he wants. I ordered another preschool workbook set for Karen. She’s really enjoying them.

One of the tables was selling recorders and lesson books, so I asked if she would sell just the books since Richard already has a recorder. She did. I got 2 like new books for the price of 1 new plus a harmonica and book.


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