Just us girls

Early this morning my husband, son, and a guy who works for us left for Kodiak. They will be gone 10 days leaving Karen and I here to mind the apartment business with Sarah. This is the first time Richard has gone on a trip without me. This trip was a combination birthday present and reward for finishing first grade. It seems odd to have Karen here but not him. Its too quiet.

I was busy today so didn’t have much time to think about being alone until now after Karen is in bed. I made Richard’s bed with clean sheets and the summer blanket. Karen had a wonderful Parents As Teachers visit this morning about magnets. Then I left her with Sarah at the office while I cleaned carpets in an apartment. Sarah took her twins and Karen to Creamers Field where I met them. After dinner and showing apartments, I went to the dumpsters and cleaned out the car. It was getting pretty trashy inside. Karen said she wanted to go to the vacuum place (car wash) so we did and I spent a half hour thoroughly vacuuming out the car with their heavy duty vacuum. It looks much better inside now plus we found some runaway toys.

All that to say I’m lonely without my guys tonight. I miss Richard’s snoring and Ray’s bedtime chatting. However, tomorrow looks to be another busy day. Off to bed. Goodnight.


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