Satisfying day

Today was a satisfying day. We bought some barrels to use for making biodiesel. Two are semi-clear poly drums with 5 gallon markings on the side that we can use for glycerin settling tanks. The other two are regular steel drums for heating the dirty oil to filter and then process.

After picking up the drums, we took the kids to swim lessons. This was their last lesson. Karen will still be in tadpoles next time. That’s ok. Richard will move up to porpoise. They did water safety. For her they just reviewed the basic water safety and looked at life jackets. For him they actually wore the life jackets and did in water drills at the deep end then swam from the deep end to the other end while wearing the life jackets. They received their certificates at the end of class. I need to copy Richard’s and submit it to Chugach for reimbursement to show he finished the class.

After swimming we spent the afternoon getting the 200 gallon biodiesel processor going. Unfortunatly I didn’t have enough KOH to be able to process a full batch so we only were able to do 90 gallons. Still it works with no major leaks! I ordered more KOH yesterday. Unfortunately, I missed their caustic shipment by just a few days and the next one for Alaska won’t be for at least 2-3 weeks. I hope they are right since the last order took 2 months.

While I was waiting for the guys to finish the last pieces on the processor, I did dishes and tidied up the house. The Wilkinsons (from Simple Living AK) arrived a bit early. We were still adding the methoxide to the processor. Anyway, I made spaghetti dinner and we had a good visit. Richard and Judah spent most of their time together playing outside. Karen and the girls alternated between inside and out. They left about 10pm. It was nice to finally meet them. Anna still hasn’t had her baby yet. I wish we could get together again, but with her new baby on the way and my guys going to Kodiak early Tuesday, we agreed it probably wasn’t very practical this trip for them.


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  3. How often do you yourself swim and what stroke or do you just write about it?

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    Swimming greats you should write about next, my ex was an olympic swimmer!

  4. Weapons:Escrima,

    Hmm. This blog is mostly about homeschooling and living in Alaska. I’d used a “swim lessons” tag for this post because I talk about swim lessons for my kids. Beyond that Google did it all.

    As for me, I’m not that great a swimmer but at least it gets me through the water and it’s fun. I recently started attending a water aerobics/toning class and am enjoying it a lot. My greatest swimming accomplishment was jumping out of our sailboat in the middle of the Pacific ocean (between Alaska and Hawaii) for awhile to cool off while 5 months pregnant.

    My husband made the same agreement with our kids that his dad made with him. As soon as they can swim half a mile unassisted, they can have their own little boat. We all love sailing in our big sailboat and rowing in the dinghy so they are trying hard but are still just beginners (little Karen especially).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Who was your ex? I like to read about people.

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