Lower income or no income?

I am a small business owner. As such, I only have so much to spend on payroll. I have had several tenants lose their jobs over the winter for various reasons. My brother was just laid off. He’s wanting $15/hour. I look at that as a business owner and see I can hire 2 workers for minimum wage for that price. The question is do you hold out for the higher wage or take a lower paying job? If you wait, you still have to pay your bills while you have no income. So then the question becomes do you still want the higher wage or no wage? In these tight times, employers are also cutting back. If I see two similar applicants and one wants $15/hr and the other says he’ll work for $9, I’m going to hire the guy for $9, especially if its a low skills level position.

If you want more than $10/hr, you’d better have something special to offer potential employers which sets you apart as being worth the extra pay. Unfortunatly, I’m not seeing that in job applicants. Especially if you’re single. I can understand needing a little extra if you have a family to support, but not just a single person with ordinary skills. It just makes you sound greedy. Prove to me you’re worth the extra pay! What makes you so special? Do you have a degree or specialized training I would want? Do you have unique work qualifications or experiences? How can I be sure you’re worth the extra pay?

The most important thing as an employer I look for is a good work ethic. This can be seen on a resume as someone who doesn’t keep changing jobs. If you have a history of only working at a places a few months I won’t be as willing to hire you. Tell me why you were only there a short time. I don’t want to go through the trouble and time to train you then have you quit after a short time and need to do it again with someone else. Good work ethic can also be seen in the way you dress for the interview. First impressions are important. I don’t want to hire a lazy slob. If you come for your interview in jeans and t-shirt for an office positition, that’s not good. Even if its a warehouse position, don’t show up looking like you just fixed your car or came from the gym. Ripped jeans and t-shirts with “cute” sayings won’t cut it, especially if you want higher paying positions!

I don’t like people who whine about being broke and out of work. There are jobs available, it’s just a matter of what you are willing to settle for. Don’t come crying to me if you can’t find a high paying job and are unwilling to work for less or change your lifestyle to make ends meet for a lower paying job. It can be done if you really want to. Do you really need that fancy car or to eat out every week? NO! A low paying job may be the only thing available. It may come down to a hard choice: A low paying job or no job. If you choose no job, it is your choice so please don’t expect sympathy from me when you can’t pay your bills.

If this sounds harsh, it’s meant to be. I don’t believe in welfare and unemployment generally. Why should I pay a person to sit around because they are too proud or lazy to work in the jobs that are available?


2 Responses

  1. Nice, no-nonsense talk. I’ve been on both ends of the equation.

    People who have never had a job often look at employers as unending sources of cash, and believe that they hold back only because they’re evil misers hoarding their wealth under a dirty mattress.

    The owners as the LAST people to get paid — paid out of what’s left over at the end of the month. Let’s see an employee that’s willing to put up with that!

    It’s not harsh, it’s real. How long would an ungrateful employee put up with a stranger living at their house, mooching, taking, whining about the fact that they’re out of Cheetos and pizza?

  2. Rithban,

    Good points too. My husband figured out that that this last winter our wage was about 65 CENTS per hour. Everyone figures you can just grab more money off the top for yourself, but it doesn’t work that way. Thanks for your comments.

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