A life set apart

I haven’t written about Christian living in awhile. Christians are told to be set apart. (can’t find specific reference right now, sorry) I’ve been distracted with homeschool, family and a myriad other daily stuff. How have you been doing? Are you too getting distracted? I thought I’d put a post about living a life set apart to get my and perhaps your focus back on God.

What does living a life set apart mean? How can it be done?

This means we are to put off our old selves and worldly habits. God wants us to live holy lives rather than worldly lives. If we keep with the latest fashions, sports, or technology gadgets are we putting them above God? Be realistic. Are you putting off church to go to a sale or program the gadget? Perhaps you don’t want to miss a game so you stay home and tell friends and family you were sick. Do you spend more on shoes and accessories than tithe to church each year? This kind of behavior dishonors God. If we are to live a life set apart, then God must come first. These things must be put off.

Perhaps you value friendships. This can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t interfere with your relationship to God. While infrequent visits instead of church may be ok, if it starts to become a habit, it should stop. Your friends will understand if you explain your need to attend church and fellowship with your church friends. Perhaps invite them to church and brunch afterwards.

Maybe there is an addiction holding you back, be it tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or something else. Seek help by asking God to take away your need, but also be willing to help Him. Get counseling. Don’t go where you will be tempted. Don’t hang around others who temp you to return to your addiction. Turn your back on this wickedness.

How is your speech? Does it glorify God or do you use crude language? Do you engage in idle gossip? My grandmother use to tell me “if you can’t say anything nice about a person, don’t say anything”.

What about the way you dress? Are you modest or worldly and vain? Are your clothes looser or do you look melted and poured in? Are your clothes clean and in good condition? This doesn’t necessarily mean a return to prairie dresses but some things should be left for the imagination. Are you dressing to please God or the world? Its hard to do both in these days of low-cut blouses and tight pants.

Are you quick to temper, getting angry at criticism? Do you seek revenge for every slight against you? Or are you a peacemaker? “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men” Romans 12:18.

This isn’t just for adults. Our children need to be taught the value of living for God. They need to see you as a role model setting a godly example. Are you hypocritical with your children? Do you allow them to make excuses against God? What kind of games do they play, books do they read, shows do they watch? What kind of friends do they hang out with? Who are their heroes? Its not unkind to say no to a child. They need rules and limits but will constantly test them. Be vigilant. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6

Like a garden overrun with weeds, any changes may be slow at first, however the reward is far greater than the sacrifice. Once the adjustment is made, you will look back on your prior life and wonder what you were thinking. Your life will be more satisfactory. God has even given us a guide to follow: the Bible! That isn’t to say, life will necessarily be easier, just that you will be more contented once you decide to fully live a life set apart for God. So what’s distracting you and holding you back?


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