Very busy day

Today is a very busy day. First it is my husband’s birthday so I made his cake this morning. I left it baking for him to take out while I took the kids to swim lessons. There was a new attendant at the play area so I had to explain about switching kids and yes it was ok. Both kids did great today swimming. Karen got into the pool by herself for the first time today without help. She practiced getting in and out by herself while waiting her turn to do the activities. Richard is down to only 1 float now. He started with 3 at the first lesson. He still needs to work on following directions the first time though. Next week is the last lesson.

After swimming we had Abeka ordering. I was told it was at the Princess Hotel but when we got there it had been switched to Pikes. We were there about 45 minutes.  I asked if the old guidebook I was given would still be good (he will be the fourth to use it) and was told as long as I could read it, I should use it. That saved us $35. That’s a good thing because I decided to order Karen a basic numbers book and new KJV Bibles for Richard and I along with Richard’s second grade LA workbooks.

Then we went to Sam’s club for a few last minute gifts and groceries before going home to put the turkey in the oven and frost the cake while Karen takes a nap. We will be having a few friends and family over for birthday dinner. Somewhere in there while making dinner I need to do dishes and straighten the house.


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