Summer plans

We have fairly well planned this summer. We are all taking trips both as a family and separately. In May Ray, Richard, and our maintenance worker Gene will be gone to Kodiak to get the boat ready to sail. They will be driving our old car down and getting on the ferry. In late June, Ray is driving to get coal boilers and possibly attend a conference in Canada. When he gets home, I will be going to Virginia to a teacher training by Christian Light Education for a week or 10 days. If he gets home too late, I can change dates and attend in August instead. While I am gone, Richard will have Camp Habitat here in Fairbanks. This year he will be in a full day program for the first time. This was a birthday present from his grandmother. In between these trips, we hope to go on 2 sailing trips. If we manage to do all this, it should be a busy, fun, and useful summer. In fall Ray wants to go hunting and I hope to go berry picking.

We will also be doing a light school schedule. I ordered Animal Worlds from Winter Promise at the homeschool curriculum fair this week. While we won’t be doing everything in the program (its designed for a full school year), he should have fun reading and doing some of the activities. I bought some Alaskan animal books to go along with it.


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