FLDS vs TX teen pregnancy stats

This is a couple of comments from another blog (unfortunatly, I wasn’t able to discover which one since it was cross posted several times before I found it). Anyway, I find it interesting in the face of the child endangerment claims made by the state regarding teenage pregnancies at the FLDS ranch.

I totally agree with JoeG ‘s summation of this as “tragic”. No matter which side you are on.

Mark IV said 1 week ago:

Some background of teenage pregnancies in Texas:

The non-Hispanic white rate is 60 per 1,000, the black rate is 130 per 1,000 and the Hispanic rate is 145 per 1,000.

The rate at YFZ seems to be 45 per 1,000, 20 percent lower than the rate for other Texas girls in the polygamous girls’ demographic cohort and more than 60 percent lower than among Hispanic girls in Texas.

That seems to indicate that underage girls at YFZ are 20 percent less likely to have sex than other white girls across the state and 60 percent less likely to have sex than Hispanic girls across the state.

Further, the rate of teen pregnancy at YFZ is lower than the rate of teen pregnancy in more than three-quarters of Texas counties.

The best thing the state can do now is apologize. If they are sincere in wanting to protect teenaged women from getting pregnant, they ought to take lessons from YFZ, because they are doing a better job of it that the state as a whole.

And a related update:

Joe G said 2 hours ago: (from 4/27/08 visit of http://messengerandadvocate.wordpress.com/2008/04/18/texas-judge-rules-all-416-must-remain-in-state-custody/

It is official.

There are just three girls under the age of 18 that the state thinks may be pregnant from FLDS.
One will be 18 years old in a month, one refused to take a pregnancy test and one whose age is yet to be determined.

Among many references to this account: The Salt Lake Tribune 04/26/2008 05:14:10 PM MDT

Bingo, no abuse, no arrests, no adults detained, no underage pregnancies. (By Texas law, underage is “under 16″).

But the State is still refusing to release the kids. Two children under two years of age are now missing by the State of Texas’s own admission! (Though I am sure some logical explanation will come up) Three or more little children are hospitalized as of Friday; one is in critical condition because he is an infant that could not adjust without his mother’s milk. CPS admits that many have contracted chicken pox, measles, diarrhea, flu, viruses and other diseases they were not inoculated for now that they are exposed to the “mainstream” and are blaming it on the parents. And of course, as we all now know, (providing you have some education on the subject), the State of Texas has now concluded that the original call was a hoax.

Those of you who judged and made accusations should hope someone other than a person like yourself is around to defend you if you have the misfortune of having your life torn apart if someone takes your children taken away.



4 Responses

  1. Statistics can lie. All FLDS girls get married first , then have sex and then about 9 months later have their babies. Pre marital sex is not permitted for boys or girls or old men. The temple is there to have marriages and no unclean thing can enter the Temple. So do we have any Texas statistics on how many teenage girls are married when they conceive and how many are not? It is not an orgy inside the compound. Do you think the Baptists know that the FLDS are a chaste people? They make up stuff and tell it with a straight face. Think about it. Why do they wear the clothes that they do? Shame on Texas. They bought the lie.

  2. I’ve heard this argument before. I’d like to see that stats on teenagers who willingly have sex that results in pregnancy and those who are forced into sex that results in pregnancy.

    Something tells me that the non FLDS teenagers who get pregnant are getting pregnant by boys close to their age and to whom they are attracted as opposed to 50 y/o men who are disgusting to them.

    This comment could win for most twisted use of statistics to prove a point. The real point is consensual sex versus rape.

  3. Mark IV had good numbers but they did not distinguish between out of wedlock situations and whether the pregnancies ended in abortion. Google searches show that Texas has very bad stats on teen pregnancies and Utah and Vermont are at the extreme other end of the tables. FLDS are not likely to abort at the rate of Texas (40%) California and New Jersey have worse stats than Texas in almost all categories. Texas is not holier than 44 other states.

  4. Hey everyone thanks for your comments so far,

    Consentual, not consentual, married or out of wedlock the numbers are still lower for FLDS. The same questions about the situations of the non FLDS teen pregnancies could be raised. No matter the situation, the teens wound up pregnant. This seems to be just the raw numbers. Like I said, I got this beyond the original so I’m not sure about bias of Mark IV or exactly where he got his numbers. I just found it interesting. Do the TX figures include abortions too or only births? I don’t know. Were all the FLDS teen pregnancies rape? I don’t know and would hesitate to say one way or the other. That’s up to investigators and until that’s done I would caution anyone against such assumptions. Guilt by association can be a humiliating thing in cases like this.

    I wonder how many TX babies wound up unwanted and unloved? How many mothers had little or no support? It would seem the FLDS teens had support to help them cope rather than being left to fend on their own which happens all too frequently with mainstream teen pregnancies in America.

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