Too many choices!

One of the great things about homeschool is getting to choose what curriculum and materials to use. However, this time of year, it can also be a drawback as you ponder the many choices. That’s my problem today, too many 2nd grade choices. As a result this is my third post about 2nd grade plans. This time I have the top 4 options laid out to compare. To add to my decision, Karen will be doing preschool and so I need things he can do somewhat independently while I help her.

We are almost finished with first grade. I think we’ll finish up in 2 or 3 weeks. Last week he worked ahead, eager to be in 2nd grade. I’m not too worried about finishing up the books since next year starts with review for math and language plus we’re switching to literature based school instead of textbooks for everything else. I mainly want to get more of the math done before quitting. We may do a bit over the summer so he stays in practice. End of year purchase deadline is the 30th. I have money left over from this year’s allotment still so I will buy a bunch of books and things to do over the summer.

The curriculum fair tickets came in today’s mail! I’m glad the curriculum fair is next week so I can see the programs and put an end to my debating. I really need to just go and look at the different WP programs and look through my friend’s Sonlight stuff to decide which would be best fit. They all sound good and interesting from the catalog. I’m not good at these kinds of decisions. Once I choose, I’m sure he will like any of them.

Lately Richard has started showing an interest in early US history. As if I didn’t have enough choices for next year. *sigh* Now I’m considering American Story 1 with LA2 plus readers and World Around Me (science) from Winter Promise. Abeka for Language Arts. Then third grade would be American Story 2 with Rock Around the Earth (introductory geology). We would do Sea and Sky for fourth grade before starting world history in 5th and 6th grades. Then perhaps American Crossing for 7th. Sea and Sky is really designed for upper elementary grades anyway so I don’t want him to be overwhelmed but I don’t want him to miss it either.

The 4 choices I’m considering are all about $700-$800. I can’t decide between WP or Abeka or both for Language Arts without seeing the WP books first. I would probably supplement the US History with books from Sunlight’s Core3 for things he was really interested in since those are harder books. I’m leaning toward WP’s science rather than Sonlight because we haven’t really done science yet and it seems to align better with the goals of level 1 & 2 science for his homeschool program. What he’s picked up has been unschooling so I don’t want to overwhelm him. If we breeze through it, we can always add something else if needed. This doesn’t include any Bible or geography yet.

I think we should also do art but not being artsy myself, I want something easy yet meaningful. I only did crafty art which I think may be why I don’t like regular art much. He’s done 2 years now of Abeka’s craft “art” so its time to move on. I am again considering Atelier Art. It is a video based art program. First they watch a demonstration then they do it. There are different age levels rather than grade levels. Each level has 3 modules which can be purchased separately or together. I may just get the first module of the recommended level and see how it goes because it is expensive ($55/module + teacher guide). They will be at the curriculum fair so I can see it then.

Choice 1: Total $782.95

Sonlight Science 2 (4-day) $142.95

WP Adv. Sea & Sky $459 + Young Learners Guide $19

Math-U-See Beta (std & teacher) $55

Abeka workbooks $107

Choice 2: Total $815

Math: $55

WP S&S: $459 + Young Learners Guide $19

WP LA2 CAW readers: $75

WP S&S readers: $78

WP LA2: $129

Choice 3: Total $700

WP American Story 1: $380 (history)

WP LA2 for AS1: $165

WP World Around Me: $100 (science)

Math-U-See: $55

Choice 4: Total $732

WP American Story 1: $380 (history)

WP readers for AS1: $90

WP World Around Me: $100 (science)

Math-U-See: $55

Abeka LA workbooks: $107


5 Responses

  1. There ARE a lot of choices! I know, because I just did the curriculum decisions thing too. I posted our decisions for this upcoming year, I think it will be great. Don’t worry. I am sure that whatever you settle on will be super!

  2. You have more choices because you have more kids so congratulations on deciding. 😉 Enjoy your summer! When will you start your next school year? Only 3 more days until our Curriculum Fair.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your comments! I edited the one about curriculum just in case my daughter were to read it. She is doing alpha, mental math is not her thing, so I am having her and her brother do it together. She can read at a 5th/6th grade level but math we need to do more on! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a good reason. My son didn’t like math last year at first but Math-U-See changed that. He’s doing really well and I hope your daughter can have similar success from it. Yesterday he asked why math was so easy after watching lesson 27 on the DVD.

  5. Hi, Had to come over and check you out.
    Also wanted to invite you to join my headcovering blog.
    The link is on the right side of our blog.
    See you there, neighbor!

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