Happy Birthday son

Saturday my son had his 6th birthday party. We had a great time. There were 14 kids ranging from 18 months to 13 years and 6 adults including me and my husband. Laura was up from Florida and the kids were thrilled to play with her 3 boys again. Its been over a year since they saw them last. Karen said we “had all the friends except one” (his family had already made plans).

Unlike the last birthday party 2 years ago, I didn’t plan anything for this one. The kids had a great, noisy time. They played outside in the snow then came inside for gifts and cake. He got a lot of fun things including a frisbee, yo-yo, books (including one printed in 1912), a ball, dice, balloons, and a car crash set plus more I can’t think of now.

Chaos theory reigned today. I went to town to get some last minute items including cake fixings and ice cream. We were going to have pancakes when I got back. However, instead we ran out of propane. Ray took Richard down to get the propane tank filled. He got a free lollipop when he told the clerk it was his birthday 🙂 We wound up having sweet rolls from the gas station instead. Yummy too. Karen helped Ray make Richard’s bed (a birthday present so he didn’t have to) while I made the cake. At least we didn’t run out of propane with the cake in the oven 😆

He got to stay up late watching MASH. This afternoon we went to Chena Hot Springs for a few hours. We all had a good time. It’s been a good birthday weekend.


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