FLDS kids stay in custody

A judge has ruled the FLDS kids in Texas state custody must all remain in state custody. They are also requiring DNA testing of all 416 kids plus women and men. This seems an outrageous invasion of privacy. I can’t believe the judge has allowed the state to maintain control of all the kids. I can understand those in immanent danger but not those who simply might risk for abuse that may or may not happen doesn’t make sense.

If kids were taken away for abuse that may or may not ever happen, all kids everywhere would be in state custody. If you lived next door to a child abuser, would you want your kids taken because they may be in danger from your neighbor? This seems like a lot of guilt by association with the kids the sad victims.

They will now be taken to foster care. Hearings will be held before June 5 (that’s 6 weeks from now). During that time who know how much harm will be done to these kids by exposing them and immersing them in a lifestyle they have been taught is evil and removing them from their morals and support network? Regular foster kids have a grasp of how to function in the modern world. These kids don’t. I would submit that the state is committing abuse by forcing them to live in a lifestyle they are totally unprepared for.

I just read that the call which began the raid may have been a hoax! In the meantime, over 400 kids and families have had their lives permanently and publicly shattered by the state. Why didn’t they verify the call first?

This is unreasonable search and seizure. Only instead of objects, the state took something more precious, ALL the children. Why were they ALL taken anyway rather a case by case, family by family basis?

This is a sad and complicated situation.

A good (rather long) summary of the kids situation is here.


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