A Chilly House

We slept in this morning. Since the weather has been warming up, we’ve been letting the fire go out in the mid-afternoon until the next morning. Well, because we slept in and it was cooler last night then it has been, our house was 62 when we finally got up. We were just about out of firewood. The forecast is for snow starting tonight so we took advantage of the fair weather and decided to go wood cutting today. We didn’t light a fire in the house since we would be gone all day. It was noon before we had the kids car seats moved into the truck, lunch made, and everything ready to go.

We had been going 30 miles back to the end of the road. It’s very slow going down a primitive logging road; usually taking us 2 hours or so after getting to the logging road just to get to the place we like to cut. Today we found a good cutting spot closer the start of the woodlot road. This saved us a lot of driving time. We cut our wood and were back to town about 630 this evening. We went and had dinner with my mother in law then drove home. It was now around 8. We haven’t had a fire in over 24 hours. The house is down to a chilly 56 degrees.

I got the kids ready for bed with warm milk bundled up with sweat pants and lots of blankets. After they are in bed (her to sleep and him to read his Bible) I got the fire going. It should start warming up in a few hours. In the mean time, I’m going to snuggle under a throw with a cup of hot tea and a good book. Ahhh, life in Alaska.


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