spring storm

The weather is reminding us that we live in Alaska and it is still early April. Whereas earlier this month was rather mild with highs getting into the upper 30’s and even low 40’s, this week has been cooler. Yesterday was partly cloudy. Then it started lightly snowing in late afternoon. By this morning it was very snowy with at least an inch of fresh snow plus winds. The forecast is for up to 3 more inches of snow today here and up to 6 to the south of us. A regular early spring Alaskan snowstorm. My sisters in law were supposed to fly home to their village today, but that and many other bush flights were canceled due to the storm.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! We loved the Abeka curriculum that my daughter had in her preschool. It more than adequately prepared her to start public school this year. She’s almost finished with kindergarten and is reading on a 2nd grade level. We are thrilled with how she’s started out, and we will be sending our son to the same preschool this fall. God bless!

  2. Best wishes to your family as she starts her school adventures. My 6 yo son is probably reading 3 or early 4th grade after 1st grade with Abeka. What a great program to start with. I’ll pray that your son gets the same good results and enjoys his preschool. I’m planning to use Abeka as well with our daughter in a year or so.

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