more 2nd grade plans

I need some advice. I am considering taking the plunge into literature based curriculum for second grade. A lot of this depends upon seeing the WinterPromise (WP) and perhaps Sonlight (SL) books at the curriculum fair at the end of this month. Second grade seems to be a gap for WP but I wasn’t too enthusiastic about SL or Abeka. I can’t wait for the curriculum fair the end of the month! My head is swimming with conflicting plans and ideas. Anyway, here’s my latest plan for next year. Any of you have any suggestions or comments to help?

Math: Math-U-See

Beta (2-digit addition/subtraction)

History & Science: Winter Promise

Adventures in the Sea and Sky with Young Learners Guide OR

Hideaways in History (may be too easy)

Literature: Winter Promise

LA2 readers for Children Around the World has lots of books I was wanting for this year as read-alouds (they don’t have LA2 for S&S or HiH)

readers for S&S as free-reads

Language Arts: Abeka or Winter Promise LA2

He’s not really enjoying Abeka anymore so I may switch to WP for all of Language Arts rather than just literature. He’s learned a lot with Abeka though. I need to look at the WP books at the curriculum fair and compare them to Abeka before deciding. I want him to learn but not be frustrated. Abeka has such a wonderful concentrated phonics program for K and 1 that I don’t think he needs half the books from the WP LA2 but some like the parts of speech/grammar sound like just the thing for him. Perhaps if I selectively order and use WP? I think he’s starting to tune out Abeka because it is soo repetitive. He needs something fresh. He devours books so we don’t need much for phonics aside from spelling tricks. Exposure to reading real books has greatly helped in this aspect over just using the traditional leveled readers and phonics “books”. So Abeka has been useful in laying a foundation for reading success, but I think it is time to move on. Can anyone help here?

If we do this with both reader sets, it will be a bit more expensive than I last estimated but should be more fun.

Math: $55

WP S&S: $459 + Young Learners Guide $19

WP LA2 CAW readers: $75

WP S&S readers: $78

WP LA2: $129

You may also want to check out my post on literature based curriculum.

Anyone have any useful thoughts of the similarities/differences between Abeka and WP for 2nd grade LA? What about S&S for 2nd grade? Has anyone switched from Abeka LA? If so, why?


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