swim lessons

Today was the first swim lessons for both kids. They were originally in the same class (tadpoles). Richard was the oldest and already doing many of the things they would be doing in the beginning class so they wanted to move him up a level to minnows. That class was full. It starts half hour later than tadpoles so when it started the instructor found a child to switch into tadpoles and put Richard up to minnows. He did much better there. The kids were his age (and size) doing more interesting, splashy things.

At the end of class today, Richard and the other minnows jumped off the diving board. He’s been wanting to try that for awhile but when his turn finally came he was unsure about actually doing it, but he did. The next time, no hesitation. SPLASH! Karen and the tadpoles swam from the deep end down to the shallows (with floats of course). They both had a lot of fun and are napping now. Perpetual motion machine (AKA Richard) wants to go for a bike ride and a mile walk still today. We’ll see *yawn*.

Class for her is 1030 until 1115. He’s now 1100 until 1145. Not sure how to work that but I’ll figure it out. The lessons are every Friday morning until mid-May. Since the homeschool will be paying for his, this will count for first grade PE.


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