This time of year homeschool families are thinking about next school year. They want to switch programs if things haven’t worked out and look into higher levels on the ones that have. Math seems to be a subject that has a lot of switching around. I think we must have lucked out because we have been very happy from the start with our math program.

We use Math-U-See and love it. They use blocks but not the regular base 10 type blocks. They have blocks already “glued” together 1-10. Each number rod is a different color. They use the same set of blocks from Primer (kindergarten level math intro) to calculus. No more switching manipulatives every few lessons just when they are getting the hang of them. The pages are black and white without any distracting pictures or drawings. This helps keep my guy focused but some kids/parents can be turned off with how plain the pages are. What does a duck with an umbrella really have to do with math anyway?

There’s a great DVD which introduces every lesson. There’s 30 lessons per book so you can go at your own pace. Each lesson has 3 lesson practice pages and 3 cumulative review pages. You can do as little or as much as you need to. We do math twice a week with the lesson introduction DVD and a practice page on Tuesday then review page Thursday. If he really understood the lesson then we may skip the review and do the next lesson. That’s enough so he gets it. We don’t have to do math every day or worry about doing so many pages per week like with Saxon or Calvert. Yet it’s structured enough so I don’t have to worry about what’s next. Has online catalog.


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