Happy Easter!!!


If we weren’t sick this week, I was going to have Spring Break last week to teach the kids the importance of this Holy Week. I want them to understand that Easter is more than candy, egg hunts, and pastel colors. We don’t have Easter baskets or believe in the Easter Bunny. For without Easter, we wouldn’t be Christians. In some ways, it is a more significant holiday than Christmas.

Unfortunately, like Christmas, Easter has become commercialized and lost most of its religious meaning in America and returned to its more pagan roots. Both were originally pagan holidays “Christianized” by Constatine. Christmas was celebrating winter solstice and Easter celebrated fertility. Hence trees and lights for Christmas and eggs and bunnies for Easter.

It’s also why the date of Easter changes to always fall on a Sunday; it’s still attached to the lunar calendar. Some churches get caught up in perfecting dates. Perhaps this isn’t the exact date on the ancient calender which He arose. Does the date truly matter or is the act the important thing? I say its the act. We need to have a date which we generally agree upon to celebrate and remember this. If we start over analyzing it, then the date becomes more important than the event. In one of my prior posts, I talked about essential and non-essential. I say the act is the essential thing and the date, while not totally non-essential, is perhaps much less essential. The glorious point is HE AROSE and today we celebrate this! Happy Easter.


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