Perhaps I’m being overly conservative but I’ve slowly come to the realization that Halloween is not the safe, fun holiday it is portrayed as. Yes, growing up I went trick-or-treating and dressed up as a witch myself, but even then I sometimes wondered (especially as I got older) why we had this strange holiday to begin with. It wasn’t happy or patriotic like other holidays. It was a time for scaring yourself and others; a time when older kids sometimes committed petty vandalism by stringing toilet paper in neighbors’ trees and smashing eggs on cars. Sure, girls can be princesses or cheerleaders and boys can be sports stars but mostly they were witches, goblins, skeletons, devils, and other evil creatures. It is only recently that marketers in an effort to boost sales have tried to morph the holiday into lighter themes for kids while at the same time ghoulish costumes have often gotten more grotesque and gory. It is the most holy day with pagans and satanic cults. It glorifies death and the undead. I did some research. It was originally a Celtic celebration of the dead when it was believed the dead spirits of the past year were freed to roam around before going to their final resting place. Google “Halloween history” to find an unlimited number of pages dealing with all different aspects of it.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to pass out anti-Halloween tracts to trick-or-treaters like I know some people do, I may have the kids help make a cross to put on our door and keep the lights off. One idea I liked was passing out pencils with “Jesus Loves You”. I’m not sure how expensive this would be though compared to the tracts (perhaps a group could get together and share the cost and pass them out in different places/neighborhoods). A tradition here in Fairbanks is to have a fireworks celebration on Halloween since it is too light on July 4. We may go to that depending on when it starts. (We have class until 830.) However, the last few years one of us has had a cold so we didn’t do anything. We don’t feel we are missing out either. I don’t see the true purpose in celebrating this holiday. It has evil roots, celebrates Satan, encourages overeating of candy and greed as children try to outdo each other in the amount of candy they can collect, and has become very materialistic with expensive costumes, decorations, and of course candy. How could I in good conscience endorse or encourage my family and kids participation in such a “holiday”?

A good website giving 22 Biblical reasons to avoid Halloween: http://christiananswers.net/q-eden/halloween.html


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