2nd grade plans

3/20/08 2nd grade plans

I’ve been looking into second grade (and beyond). I want to layout what social studies he should do when so we don’t duplicate or leave anything out. I have some gaps and some that I’m not sure about but have a basic idea of what to cover which years. Second grade was one of the gaps. I don’t think he’s ready for a traditional history study but is too advanced for some of the basic intro studies. I like using individual books instead of big textbooks. He seems to stay better interested.

I looked through several catalogs for low/mid elementary history and didn’t find anything that really seemed a good fit until I tried Winter Promise. Beside the traditional history breakdowns they have something called Adventures in the Sea and Sky about ships and planes. Its designed for 4-6 grades but there is a separate guidebook for adapting it to lower grades. Richard is really into planes and ships now so I think we’ll try it. It uses mostly real books rather than text books.

Some of their traditional histories are similar to Sonlight so I may be able to combine them starting with US History 1 for 3rd grade. I don’t like some of the “random” books Sonlight throws in that don’t seem to have anything to do with what is being learned. Winter Promise seems better at staying on topic and often uses several of the same books. I’m considering going with Sonlight for science. They will cover geology, biology, and mechanical technology. That will be a good continuation of what we learned this year. I also made a list of what fiction books I’d like him to read before he graduates (almost 100!). I then tried to match them to the social studies for the year.


If we do all of this the cost will be:

Science: Sonlight 2 (4-day) $142.95

Winter Promise Adv. Sea & Sky $459

Math-U-See Beta (std & teacher) $55

Abeka workbooks $107

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